to changing the world...

...one bag at a time

AtThe Inconvenient Bagwe would like our bags to carry the environmentally-friendly message, while designed in a manner that would be unique and stylish.


A convenient bag is the typical paper or plastic bag given to you at the store, while The Inconvenient Bag is the bag you bring to the store, mall, market, etc. (everywhere) yourself. Inconvenience yourself by bringing your own bag for the sake of the environment so that you don’t have to use paper or plastic bags.

Our Brand

Marching Bags

Our approach is different. We want to make caring for our planet easy, not a chore. It can be fun and fashionable. We strive to design our bags so people want to use them.

Always creating new designs, prints, makes and models. Look at what's new with our own line of canvas bags!
Do you have old uniforms sitting around taking space in your closet, storage or locker room?  

If so, consider repurposing them into new products. We convert those vintage uniforms & outfits into a wide range of products for resale to your fans, alumni, or for yourself.

Customize It!

It is our goal to help your company or organization with its branding, carbon footprint and contribution to the environmental movement.

Create your own bag with your own logo and style. There's different model bags for every budget.